Jan 11th 2014


Miles Square Regional Park
16801 Euclid St.
Fountain Valley, CA 92708
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What are Organizations?

We refer to your team as an Organization. You choose who you want as your teammate(s), and together will form an Organization.

Name your Organization and come to the Hunger Runs dressed in your custom outfits or uniforms that will best represent who, or what, you are!

Can we add Dedications to our Organization after initial registration?

Yes! You can definitely add members to your Organizations.

To join an existing Organization:

  1. Click on the REGISTERATION page
  3. Choose the correct wave time their Organization registered under. Then choose their Organization name and proceed to complete the registration process.

Make sure everyone in your Organization signs up for the same wave time. Once a wave time is SOLD OUT, we will not be able to transfer Dedications.

Can we transfer our registration from a new Organization to an existing Organization?

Yes! Send us an email to support@TheHungerRuns.com with a request to switch organizations. Give us your name, wave time, and new organizations name and we'll add you to their team!

How can we manage our Organizations and invite others to join?

You can manage your Organizations and invite other Dedications to join by clicking HERE.

How do we create a new or join an existing Organization?
  1. Go to the REGISTRATION page and begin the registration process.
  2. TO CREATE A NEW ORGANIZATION: select 'Create an Organization' to choose your team name. Complete the rest of the registration information and when you get to 'Other Information', you will select your preferred wave time.
  3. TO JOIN AN EXISTING ORGANIZATION: when prompted for Registration #1, choose your Organization's name to join your team. When you get to 'Other Information', you will need to select the correct wave time your Organization registered for.

If you have any issues joining an existing Organization or creating a new one, send us an email to support@TheHungerRuns.com and we'll make sure to help you as best as we can.


How do we win the Hunger Runs?

In order to be crowned The Hunger Runs Campaigns Champions, you and your teammates will complete ALL the obstacles in the Hunt and Challenge Centers and cross the finish line.

What time should we arrive at the Hunger Runs?

As Organizations, you should allow yourselves to arrive at least 1 HOUR before your scheduled wave time. That should give you enough time to park, register and check-in, stretch and ready yourselves to win. If you arrive early, check out the festival grounds and grab a bite to eat before your wave begins.

What should we bring?

  • Official form of Identification (drivers license, passport, photo ID, school ID, etc.)
  • Signed copy of your Release of Liability Waiver
  • Campaigns outfits/costumes
  • Cash
  • Extra change of clothes
  • Absolutely NO weapons or sporting equipment (real or fake)

What do we wear?

  • You can wear any running, training, sporting clothing and apparel. It is a 5K run with obstacles, so wear something comfortable and that you wouldn't mind getting a little dirty.
  • Costumes and outfits are OK. Wear your most eccentric costumes and outfits to represent your Campaigns! Show your creativity and stand out from the other Organizations! Get your friends and families and dress up together!
  • Sneakers or comfortable shoes.

What do we get?

ALL Organizations will receive:

  • The Exclusive Hunger Runs Official event tee
  • Racing bib complete with organizations number
  • A Relic, souvenir metal to signify your completion of the Hunt
  • Free access to the festival grounds
  • Chances to win various prizes and awards

NOTE: All Dedications souvenirs must be picked up in person. We will not be mailing your shirts, racing bibs, or Relics.

How do the Organizations work?

You must have 2 or more Dedications (participants) to form an Organization (team). There is no limit to how big an organization can be. Each dedication must sign their own Release of Liability Waiver. Be sure to register your Organizations together in the same wave times. Click the registration page HERE!

Can I race as a single Dedication?

Yes, but wouldn't it be more fun to run with a friend? I heard you're a great motivator!

What happens if we are late to our scheduled wave time?

You must be present at your scheduled wave time in order to participate. Waves close 15 minutes after they start. It is strongly advised to arrive at least 1 HOUR prior to your scheduled wave time.

Can we bring our own weapons/sporting equipment to use in the Challenge Centers?

No. We will provide all the necessary equipment that will be used in the Hunt. The only weapons you will need are your speed, strength, and ability to work as a strong and unified Organization.

How old do we need to be to form our Organizations?

All dedications must be at least 16 years of age or older by run day.

What if I get hurt?

Our trained Huntmakers and medical teams will be present throughout the entire event. If you get hurt, our professionally trained and certified EMT staff will fix you right up.

Can we bring our dogs/cats/hamsters/snakes along with us on the Hunt?

No. Please leave your pets at home. As much as we love animals, they will not be allowed onto the premises.


When can we start registering our Organizations?

Registration for all Organizations is open NOW! Find your teammates and create your Organizations by clicking HERE to register. Hurry, spots are filling up quickly!

How many Dedications can we register per Organizations?

Minimum of 2 Dedications per Organization. You can have as many Dedications as you like to represent your Campaigns! Teamwork is key to winning in the Hunger Runs. The more, the merrier!

When is the last day we can register?

Once all our waves are filled up, registration will be closed. In order to assure your Organizations are registered and scheduled to run, we advise that you sign up HERE. Hurry, waves are filling up fast!

Can we register more than one Dedication at a time?

Absolutely. You can register as many Dedications as you want to represent your Campaigns. Click HERE for more information.

Can someone else register/check-in for our Organization on event day?

Only the Dedications who registered will be able to check-in. We need your signature on the Release of Liability Waiver in order to issue your Organizations bib numbers.

What are the scheduled start times for each wave?

There are 9 scheduled wave times. To check which waves are available, simply go to the Registration page, begin the registration process, and choose which wave time you would like. The available times will be clearly shown. Wave times are extremely limited, so hurry and register NOW! Please arrive at the starting line 15 minutes before your wave begins:

  • 9:00am
  • 9:45am
  • 10:30am
  • 11:15am
  • 12:00pm
  • 12:45pm
  • 1:30pm
  • 2:15pm
  • 3:00pm

Can our Organizations switch wave times so we can all run together?

Definitely. You must email your request to change wave times to support@TheHungerRuns.com before the transfer deadline (December 1st, 2013). You will be charged a $5 change fee. Please work out all the details with your Organizations ahead of time to avoid any changes.

Can we transfer our registration to a friend?

Yes. We accept registration and wave transfers as long as all the request information is submitted before the registration deadline (December 1st, 2013). You can submit a request to transfer by contacting us here: support@TheHungerRuns.com.

We will need the following information about the person whom you are transferring your registration to:

  • NAME:
  • EMAIL:

Can we register our Organizations the day of the event?

No. All Organizations must be registered online before the event date. Only Assembly Passes will be available onsite, pending availability. You can register your Organizations ahead of time HERE now!

How much does it cost to register for the Hunger Runs?

The prices for the event are listed on the REGISTRATION and INFO pages. Prices listed on the event pages are per Organization of a minimum of 2 Dedications (2 participants minimum = 1 team). (However, if you are joining an existing organization, prices will be listed per person)

Is online the only way to register?

Yes, all registrations must be completed online. We will not accept any registrations by phone, mail, or fax.

How can we register for a wave time that is closed?

Unfortunately, once a wave is sold out we cannot add you in. If you want to join your friends in another wave, we do allow wave transfers as long as you send us your request to transfer to support@TheHungerRuns.com before the transfer deadline (December 1st, 2013). If you miss the transfer deadline, email us and we'll try to accommodate your request.

I'm injured and cannot participate in the Hunger Runs. Can I get a refund?

No, unfortunately NO refunds will be issued due to any type of injury. However, you can transfer your registration to a friend just as long as all transfer information is submitted before the deadline (December 1st, 2013). You can submit a request to transfer by contacting us here: support@TheHungerRuns.com
We will need the following information about the person whom you are transferring your registration to:

  • NAME:
  • EMAIL:

Can we make changes to our registration info?

Yes. You can update your registration information. There will be a $5 charge to make any changes after you register.

Is there a deadline to register our Organizations? How do we see if there is any room left?

You can find out when registration for the event closes by clicking on our REGISTRATION page. Our event is expected to sell out, so it is important to register as soon as possible.

Once a wave time is filled up, they are SOLD OUT. You will need to choose a time that is available by registering as early as possible. Hurry, once a wave sells out, it is SOLD OUT!

Are there refunds available?

All sales are final. There is a NO refund policy.


Where do we park?

There will be plenty of signs and parking attendants to direct you to our parking lot. Plan to carpool as it is more fun and cheaper to travel in groups! Parking will be $5 per vehicle. Cash ONLY.

Please park in the designated areas. We are not responsible for any lost or stolen items, towed, damaged, or ticketed vehicles. You may view a PDF map of available parking lots here.

Will there be any activities at the event?

We have a festival grounds area with plenty of food and games for you and all your friends and families to enjoy! There will be a DJ playing music throughout the day as well as lots of FREE giveaways and prizes.

How should we train for the run?

First off, you and your Organization should start training together, as a team. In order to qualify for winning awards and prizes, every Organization must complete all obstacles in the Hunt and Challenge Centers as well as cross the finish line TOGETHER.

What is not allowed?

  • NO weapons or sporting equipment (real or fake)
  • NO drugs or illegal substances
  • NO pets
  • NO outside food or alcohol
  • NO sharp objects
  • NO glass containers
  • NO BBQ grills
  • NO coolers

Can our kids join our Organizations?

All children must be at least 16 years of age by event day to be a registered dedication.

What if it rains?

The Hunger Runs is on… rain or shine! Please check the weather status the week of the event day to take appropriate measures just in case. If there are any changes or notifications, we will contact you via email.

Will there be any water stations set-up throughout the Hunt?

There will be plenty of water stations set-up throughout the Hunt as mile markers. You must stay hydrated and well nourished in order to win in the Hunger Runs. Also, we will have a feed station at our finish line awaiting your victorious arrival.

Are iPods and phones allowed in the Hunt?

You are allowed to use your Ipods or phones while you run, just as long as you're not on them playing games or doing your homework. Organizations must communicate with each other to strategize in the Hunt so use them at your own discretion.

How can we volunteer?

Bring your friends and families and help make the Hunger Runs a fun and exciting event for everyone!

All our volunteers will receive free parking and access to the festival grounds, a free Exclusive Hunger Runs Volunteer shirt and event poster.

If you are apart of a team, organization, or school and want to volunteer, click HERE for more information.

Can we bring our cameras?

Absolutely. Feel free to share your pictures and videos on our Facebook Page. We love to share!

We are having trouble registering? What should we do?

Do not worry. We are here to help. Send us an email at support@TheHungerRuns.com and we'll do our very best to make sure your Organizations are properly registered and ready to win!

Also, if you are having issues with the online registration process, try opening the web page in a different browser. Make sure that your browser has cookies enabled.

We did not receive our registration confirmation. What should we do?

If you did not receive your registration confirmation, please contact us at support@TheHungerRuns.com and we'll take care of you.

How do we get a discount?

You can register for the Early Bird Special as the earlier you sign-up, the cheaper it will be. You should take advantage of the discount and sign up as soon as possible. For special promotions and registration updates, 'Like' us on Facebook and 'Follow' us on Twitter.

When do we receive our freebies?

You will receive your Organizations race bibs at the registration/check-in table before your wave begins.

Your Exclusive Official Hunger Runs t-shirt, and Relic will be available at the finish line.

Will there be food and beverages at the event?

Yes. Plenty for everyone to enjoy! We have hand picked some very tasty food vendors where you will find a plethora of great eats and drinks in our festival grounds. Please bring cash and your ID to enjoy all the treats!

What is the age range for this event?

The Hunger Runs is for ages 16 years or older by the day of the event to participate.

Assemblies are ALL AGES! Children 10 and younger are FREE!

What is the Hunger Runs?

In brief, the Hunger Runs is the next leading adventure themed race event. It's a series of fun and challenging obstacles created in our one-of-a kind race area, the Hunt.
Hunger Runs has:

  • A combination of endurance and strategies requiring teamwork to achieve success
  • Variation of levels of styles for running or racing
  • Fun and unique experiences shared by a community of participants working together to overcome anything

How do we register?

Click on the REGISTER button at the top of all our pages. You can find our event information by clicking the INFO button on our home page. Get your Organizations ready and register HERE now!

What makes the Hunger Runs a unique, one-of-a kind experience?

Teamwork! We strive on emphasizing how important it is to work together as your Organizations to achieve the ultimate success of winning in the Hunt.

This is not just a 'fun run' or any regular 'mud run', it's a race filled with challenge centers where you must work side-by-side as a team to win. Develop your own strategies and execute them TOGETHER as your performance will reflect how well, or bad, you work as an Organization.

What kind of obstacles are at the Hunger Runs?

Our Huntmakers have designed some very special and unique creations. There will also be some venue specific and terrain inspired obstacles scattered throughout the Hunt.

The Hunt has some fun and challenging surprises that we shall keep tight in wraps. Therefore, you will be given more details come closer to the day of the event.

However, we can tell you that there WILL be obstacles to challenge your Organization. Work together. Train together. Win together.

We're here to bring you closer to the ones you love. Trust them as they will be the only thing you can depend on in the Hunt. No maps needed to guide you every step of the way. Just believe and trust in your Organization and success will be achieved.

Where can we find a course map?

We will not have course maps. Our Huntmakers designed the Hunt with an element of surprise. Prepare your Organization for the unknown and be ready to overcome our Challenge Centers.

We've lost our confirmation email? Can we get another one?

Absolutely! Send us an email to support@TheHungerRuns.com and we'll resend it to you. Please provide your name and organization's full name as well as the wave time you registered for.